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'A' is for Armani: public grade school in Tokyo adopts designer uniforms

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A public elementary school in Tokyo's upscale shopping district of Ginza has raised parents' eyebrows with a plan to adopt uniforms designed by Italian fashion brand Giorgio Armani for its students, media said on Thursday.


USA freeskier Gus Kenworthy adopts a puppy at 2018 Winter Olympics

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Kenworthy, 26, first drew global attention for adopting a family of stray dogs after the Sochi Olympics four years ago.


8 Reasons Your Portfolio Needs Crisis Insurance Right Now

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If we are closer to a top and we start seeing early signs of a correction, it’s important to adopt a defensive investment strategy before a more serious crash occurs.

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VW adopts WLANp wireless protocol to network all its cars in 2019 - Roadshow

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VW is betting big on connected cars by making all of its cars capable of communicating via WLANp.


Court to seek new map in Pennsylvania gerrymandering case

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HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) — Thursday is deadline day in Pennsylvania’s high-stakes gerrymandering case for Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf and others to submit maps of new congressional district boundaries that they want the state Supreme Court to adopt for this year’s election. The midnight deadline gives justices four more days to impose new boundaries, under a [...]


Your weight loss efforts are contagious

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When you shed excess weight, you're not the only one who benefits. Your partner will be motivated to adopt a healthier lifestyle, too, a new study finds.

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Adobe addresses critical vulnerabilities in Acrobat, Reader

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Microsoft protected Windows users from suspected North Korean exploitation of an Adobe zero-day bug earlier this month.


Agency adopts more responsive tone on airplane noise

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PHOENIX (AP) — Nearly 100 people strolled through the high school cafeteria throughout the evening, studying colored graphs of flight takeoffs and jotting down comments for officials. More than three years after they awoke to find window-rattling flights rerouted in an airborne highway above their homes, residents of Phoenix’s downtown historic districts said they finally [...]

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Netflix's Little Evil Trailer: Adam Scott Adopts the Antichrist

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Adam Scott falls in love with the girl of his dreams to discover she's given birth to The Omen in the Netflix original movie Little Evil.


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