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This week in games: Final Fantasy XV adds Half-Life's star, Blizzard hosts a Warcraft III tourney

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The Papers Please movie finished up its paperwork and nabbed a release date, Overwatch had puppies play Capture the Flag, Warcraft III is hosting a tournament, you’ll soon (probably) be able to buy Geralt’s bathtub figurine, and Final Fantasy XV is doing a Half-Life crossover.
Yes, it’s certainly been a weird week in video game news. Let's recap February 19 to 23.Humble Classics
As far as bang-for-your-buck goes, the new (that’s a mouthful) might be the best the company’s ever featured. It’s full of those isometric CRPGs that suck up dozens and dozens of hours of your time, plus a few strategy and adventure games to boot.


Walmart has the Intel Core i7-8700K for just over $300 today

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Today's a good day to get a deal on a powerful Intel processor: . That's $26 cheaper than the retailer's competition, and one of the lowest non-coupon prices we've seen yet.
The Core i7-8700K is part of Intel's newest line of CPUs that rolled out in late 2017. These eight-generation "Coffee Lake" chips were a notable upgrade over previous generations, due to an increase in core count: While Kaby Lake (and earlier) Core processors offered two or four cores, Coffee Lake parts offer four or six cores. .

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Massive EA Origin game sale slashes prices on Battlefield, Star Wars, Mass Effect, and more

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Now's a great time to snag EA games on the cheap. The gaming giant is running a massive "Publisher sale" on its  storefront and Amazon through March 6, with more than 50 games and DLC packs discounted heavily. Let's look at some of the highlights.
is $10. didn't think it was a particularly great game, but still called it "eminently playable," and you'll get a lot of hours out of your tenner. If you missed the legendary original series, you can dip your toe in the Mass Effect waters with the .


Google takes Assistant worldwide with new languages and custom phone integrations

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Google Assistant had its coming out party at with the announcement that it was expanding beyond Google’s own Pixel phones, and now it’s ready to take on the world. Literally. Google has announced it will be expanding Assistant to nearly two dozen more languages this year as it expands its influence to some “95 percent of all eligible Android phones worldwide.”
Google Assistant already speaks English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, and Portuguese (Brazil), but its linguist capabilities will be greatly expanded over the next 10 months as Google plans to add support for more than 30 languages. First up will be Danish, Dutch, Hindi, Indonesian, Norwegian, Swedish and Thai, all of which should arrive by summer.


TrackNet Tabs review: Security and location tracking in one very capable system

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A slick mobile app powers both a solid security offering and an impressive locator system.

MWC 2018: Samsung's Galaxy S9 reveal and everything else you need to know

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The new phones are coming! Mobile World Congress is nearly upon us, and soon we'll be feasting our eyes on the latest and greatest Android has to offer. So whether you're attending the big show or just checking out the keynote streams online, here's everything we expect (and hope) to see:

MWC 2018: Samsung

galaxy s9 leak

Renders of the Galaxy S9 and S9+ have leaked in all their glory.


10 great PC games that recovered from disastrous launches

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“Games as a Service” has become a buzzword in recent months, especially in the wake of November’s lootbox controversy. The lootbox association has also tainted the term, tying it inextricably to what’s at best seen as a “necessary evil” in the industry.
But the basic idea behind Games as a Service is a net positive in theory: The games you like get expanded upon after release. Not just one big expansion or a handful of smaller DLCs, but near-constant support for years at a time. It’s what people liked about MMOs, but for all genres—the silver lining to this digital future, with its Day One patches and all the other stuff players like to grumble about.

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Origin EON17-X review: This monster gaming laptop challenges high-end desktop PCs

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Spoiler alert: We’ve never tested a gaming laptop as all-around powerful as the Origin PC EON17-X.
This big, badass notebook pushes the pedal to the metal with the most potent hardware available, and then Origin PC cranks things to 11 by overclocking both the full-fat GeForce GTX 1080 and the Core i7-8700K processor. Yes, this laptop rocks a desktop processor, and not just any desktop processor—it’s the fastest one currently available. With 6 cores and 12 threads, the EON17-X demolishes CPU benchmarks. It blazes through triple-A games. Hell, it might be able to literally crush its .

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Logitech Craft review: This $200 keyboard can do two things its competitors can't

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The Logitech Craft keyboard is what happens when a keyboard engineer glimpses Microsoft’s Surface Dial hockey-puck peripheral and decides: We can do that, too. But if you want to spend $200 for just a keyboard, don’t bother: The only way the Craft makes sense is if you see value in its Surface-Dial-like navigation knob that also integrates with Logitech’s PC-spanning Logitech Flow software. 
Aesthetically, there’s room for improvement. The Craft weighs a ponderous 2.08 pounds, anchored by a broad metal bar that runs across the top of the keyboard and houses the 1,500mAh battery, plus the electronics driving the crown. You can’t adjust the Craft’s slope. And personally, I found the Craft’s scalloped keys to have a shallower travel than I’d like. 


Meltdown and Spectre FAQ: How the critical CPU flaws affect PCs and Macs

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Massive security vulnerabilities in modern CPUs are forcing a redesign of the kernel software at the heart of all major operating systems. Since the issues—dubbed Meltdown and Spectre—exist in the CPU hardware itself, Windows, Linux, Android, macOS, iOS, Chromebooks, and other operating systems all need to protect against the first exploits that have begun circulating. And worse, plugging the hole can negatively affect your PC’s performance.
Everyday home users shouldn’t panic too much, though some proof-of-concept exploits are being circulated in the field. Just apply all—well, most—available updates and keep vigilant, as ever. If you want to dive right into the action without all the background information, we’ve also created a focused guide on .


How to find your motherboard's Spectre CPU fix

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Operating system patches alone can protect against the nasty Meltdown flaw affecting Intel processors, but fixing Spectre—Meltdown’s nasty sibling, which affects all CPUs—requires firmware updates for your hardware. Those firmware fixes are finally starting to appear after Intel’s first round of Spectre patches  for causing system instability and potential data loss. Stable patches for 6th-gen Intel and are now available, and both Intel and AMD are working on CPU microcode updates for other chips.

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How to protect your PC from the Meltdown and Spectre CPU flaws

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A pair of nasty CPU exploits have serious ramifications for home computer users. Meltdown and Spectre let attackers access protected information in your PC’s kernel memory, potentially revealing sensitive details like passwords, cryptographic keys, personal photos and email, or anything else you’ve used on your computer. These are serious flaws. Fortunately, CPU and operating system vendors pushed out patches fast, and you can protect your PC from Meltdown and Spectre to some degree.
It’s not a quick one-and-done deal, though. They’re two very different CPU flaws that touch every part of your operating system, from hardware to software to the operating system itself. Check out PCWorld’s for everything you need to know about the vulnerabilities themselves. We’ve cut through the technical jargon to explain what you need to know in clear, easy-to-read language. We’ve also created an overview of .

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Intel expects PCs with fast 5G wireless to ship in late 2019

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With the first deployments of 5G high-speed wireless technology within the U.S. scheduled for later this year, Intel and its PC partners are already thinking about the next step: rolling out 5G-equipped PCs late in 2019.
Intel, along with Dell, HP, Lenovo, and Microsoft said Thursday that the companies expect the first 5G Windows PCs to become available during the second half of 2019. That’s about the same time that Intel plans to begin shipping its XMM 8000 commercial modems, marking the company’s entrance into the 5G market.
Intel will show off a prototype of the new 5G connected PC at Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona. In addition the company will demonstrate data streaming over the 5G network. At its stand, Intel said that it will also show off eSIM technology—the replacement for actual, physical SIM cards—and a thin PC running 802.11ax Wi-Fi, the next-gen Wi-Fi standard.


Nvidia's GeForce Now cloud gaming service feels like playing on a high-end gaming PC

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The promise of cloud gaming holds clear appeal. High-end gaming on any Internet-connected PC, even crappy old laptops that couldn’t dream of running games normally? Yes please!
But the reality has been much more disappointing. Forebears like OnLive and Gaikai are remembered more for their bugginess and lag than genuine gaming goodness. The small horde of cloud gaming services popping up over the last couple of years likewise struggle with reliability issues.
Nvidia’s game streaming could be the real deal.
The in late January, and it’s the first cloud gaming service I’ve used that doesn’t require major compromises on a regular basis. Hell, it actively takes a lot of the headaches out of maintaining a gaming rig. If your network can handle it—and even my humble 25Mbps Comcast home Internet connection could—and you can wrap your brain around some weird interface quirks, you’ll be pulling off headshots and executing other precision moves in-game in no time.


How to test how much Spectre and Meltdown hurt your PC's performance

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With manufacturers again updates to fix security exploits in CPUs, you may be wondering just how much of a hit your PC has taken.
After testing how much the updates  and my own  performance laptop, and studying the benchmarks run by colleagues at and  as well, we believe we've found a simple way for the average consumer to gauge the slowdown.

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GogoToro Outlet Evaders review: A fun, powerful, and portable power bank

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GogoToro recently released a series of power banks inspired by classic video games: There’s the DexCharge, Cheeky-Charger, and Outlet Evaders. Each pack comes with a different color scheme, as well as a sheet of stickers for the user to customize the pack. For this review, I’m specifically evaluating the Outlet Evaders pack, available for $39 from or .
Note: This review is part of our . Go there for details on competing products and our testing methods.

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Spectrum quietly tries a la carte TV streaming, but restrictions apply

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Hands-on with Spectrum's new a la carte TV streaming service

BrandPost: How new PCs can result in a smarter, more agile small business

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For small businesses (SMBs) the margins between success and failure are tiny. So, it’s vital to do everything possible to maximise employee performance and minimise costs, and this is where the company’s choice of business technology plays a pivotal role.
Yet research has continually shown that many SMBs are slow to move to modern PCs, even though such a PC Refresh – the act of regularly upgrading computers being used in the organisation -- enables them to cut bottom-line costs and improve productivity.
A 2014 study by found that 36% of SMBs had PCs that were four years or older, which resulted in application and system performance issues, malware attacks and connectivity issues for many of the respondents. This, in turn, had a direct impact on diminishing productivity and employee satisfaction.

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Best true wireless earbuds: Free yourself from the tyranny of cords

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Truly wireless earbuds let you ditch all cables in our post–headphone jack world, but like with anything else, their quality varies. Our top picks offer great audio without sacrificing battery life or comfort.
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Walmart's selling a white Philips Hue lightbulb for $10 today

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Today's a good day to stock up on light bulbs for your smart home. Walmart is selling a —or for 33 percent off the usual price. This deal is particularly nice since you can buy the exact amount of bulbs you want. Previously, the best price we've seen is a two-pack for $30.
The Philips Hue White A19 is a plain white LED bulb (read ). It doesn't have colors and doesn't come with a Philips Bridge. The Bridge is the go-between for the ZigBee-based Hue bulbs and a home network.


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